Author Add site-wide option to allow moderated comment posts to be unhidden like a spoiler
Hi all, I was reading Murder-Death-Kill Genocide-Crusade Simulator 9000 and happened upon a neat little example of something I probably don't want to read but would like the freedom to read anyway even if reading it might hurt my eyes, cause blood to gush out of my ears and give me the sniffles. See: somewhere around comment #387. (As an aside, it would be nice to be able to generate a permalink to comments by number, such as "https://..../...-yarinaoshi/comments/#387".)

Whilst that is a rambling bunch of humorous silliness (or silly humorousity) by me, my actual suggestion is really rather mundane:
1. Add some backend metadata/tag to moderated commentary posts specifying they were either totally deleted or else merely moderated. All moderated posts up to this point are marked as "totally deleted."
1.1. A totally-deleted post was deleted because it contained blatantly illegal stuff or else contained some information hazard. See below for a simple and common-sense definition.
2. Add some frontend site-wide user option where merely-moderated posts are given a cosmetic change: a new toggle button on the right-hand side to temporarily unhide the merely-moderated post. All merely-moderated posts default to hidden.
3. Do no cosmetic changes to totally deleted posts.

A simple definition for totally deleted is "this stuff will kill me or put me in jail". For example, stupid teenagers visit this website. Here, stupid is defined as something all of us understand, typically relating to poor impulse control combined with lack of foresight owing to lack of experience. Here, an information hazard might be a recipe to make mustard gas disguised as a recipe to make do-it-yourself shiny salt crystals. That is certainly not illegal but it crossing paths with a teenager in the United States where high school chemistry sadly typically rarely exceeds rote memorization would probably have very bad outcomes some of the time. On the other hand, saying something mean and hurting my feelings is not worthy of being permanently deleted, even if you threaten bodily, mental or spiritual harm to me, although someone will probably ban you and moderate your post for trying to threaten me. In short, breaking a site rule is grounds for moderation, but not for deletion of MangaDex history, but trying to kill someone is grounds for permanent deletion. Both are presumably grounds for banning.

I draw attention to the notion of "maintaining integrity of history" because MangaDex already, after all, maintains a history of purged chapters and commentary posts for those purged chapters and provides a convenient site-wide option to enable viewing this history, so this seems to fit in with MangaDex's ethos of maintaining history. (As an aside, others have noted how MangaDex lacks a feature to "export followed/favorites as JSON"... an omission that seems rather odd especially given how easy it is to implement in Javascript with no modification to the site's code.)

A possible exploit could be the appearance of shadow discussions where Person A and Person B bitchslap each other in an endless string of moderated comments. A simple counter to that possible exploit is what you folks already do, which is banning people.

As an aside, I suggest this primarily so that I can laugh at stupid people who have been moderated. I find laughing at others' expense to be rather enjoyable, as does most of our species. I especially enjoy following a comment chain without random deletions or ex-post-facto edits interfering with the commentary's seemingly endless flow of hilarious retardation. I would prefer being able to also temporarily undo someone's edits so that I can laugh even more, but I'll settle for this minor change.
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saying something mean and hurting my feelings is not worthy of being permanently deleted
It is in the year of 2k19
This would be Denied because the option already exists.

All you have to do is [This post has been redacted. Reason: Figure it out yourself]
If you want to see the moderated comments all you gotta do is flip the switch in your settings specifically the "comment visibility" tab.

Your suggestion is already in your settings though?

Click your drop down menu, go to settings and go to Comment visibility and change it from hide Moderated Comments to Show All.
I can see the moderated comments just fine by toggling the Comment visibility in the Settings, yes. Don't know about the deleted ones, but the ones that are deleted are normally not worthy of your attention anyway, ads for example.

And by generating link to a commnet, you meant this?
You can get that by clicking on the time when the comment was posted.
Oh did cha mean like you can see it without messing around the settings?

I'm against that, the moderated comment is hidden quite well for a reason you know.
Making it appear like that spoiler function will just.. what's the word.. making it easier to trigger people(?).
Like I'm imagining people show up in the comment section reading it, and stumble upon a moderated comment and be like..
"Oh! What's this? A moderated comment?! And it's only one click away for appearing! I should click it as I am curious individual!"
And then after clicking be like...
"Son of b****! I should "@" that person who got moderated and let them know my thoughts! Shame on you!"