Author After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy
The raw from qq comics is stuck at ch141... It hasn't been updated for 2 months despite being a weekly thing. Looks like it has gone the way of so many chinese comics—abandoned without notice.
What's the reason ZTS is scanlating this strange manhua?
Hrm.. I was looking for a new isekai, but 5.45 means this is really bad...
Read 20 chapters. It IS really bad.

- Have unique feature: MC has one consciousness over two bodies at same time (original body and female version)
- Have interesting play around this in first 3 chapters
- Split them, switch story between two bodies
- Never see them again and make use of unique feature, go with 2 separate cliche plots instead
- ???
- 5.4 / 10
Why even translate this when there are so many actually good series that need translating that have been abandoned?
It's like the writer keeps getting ideas and instead of going through them and considering what would work and what wouldn't he just uses all of them regardless of the actual amount of sense they would make.
Nothing in this story ever gets explained properly or if it does it gets dropped almost immediately for whatever else he wants to introduce, Also the terrible art switches. How is it possible to switch art as much as this manga does?
The pacing of this is confusing to read, sometime here, suddenly there, is this a flashback? How long has this been? Wait what happened in between?
And finally, I could never able to diffrentiate who is who.
Also the mc's is similar enough to be twins, does the concept of twins doesnt exist in this plot?
A really interesting concept (one mind, multiple bodies) not seen often that is completely ruined by bad pacing, inconsistent art, and terrible writing.

A shame, I wish some other story would be written with the same concept.
After reading a good chunk the novel and then reading this... I have to say I'm disappointed that it feels like the Manga is butchering the plot by a lot.
It's like it skips over parts it should go into more for more context and doesn't feel like there's a lot of build up either so some parts that should draw concern don't do it very well.

Manga kinda feels like it rushes through the plot and suffers for it. That's how I feel.

I'd like to see another story with this concept though. I like it for that.